Fee Structure

Fee Structure


Recruiting fees are based upon TOTAL estimated first year’s annual compensation as agreed upon at the time a candidate is hired and placed on your payroll as follows:

From $50,000………………… Our fees vary between 20% and 30%

Total estimated annual compensation will include the Engineers base salary only. For part time, temporary, or consulting positions, total estimated annual compensation will be computed by annualizing the daily rate to be paid for said position. These estimates are not subject to reduction or increase thereafter.

Should the employee leave or be terminated for any reason within 60 days of starting work, we will replace said employee for the same position, and credit the fee paid for that employee against the fee for the replacement, if we are notified in writing of the separation within 5 working days of said separation.

Fees are due from your company in the event a candidate referred by us is hired or retained in any capacity, whether as employee, consultant, or independent contractor, by your company or any of its affiliates or in the event you refer the candidate to another employer who hires or retains the candidate.

Candidate referral will continue in effect , and eligible for fee payment, for a period of 48 calendar months from the date of referral to your company

Fees will be billed when an offer is made and accepted, and are due within 30 days of the individual’s report date.

In accordance with federal and state opportunity laws, all qualified candidates, will be referred without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical handicap, or medical condition.

ERS Antenna Is a search firm that has devoted over 20 years to the Electromagnetic engineering industry. We work with such specifics as Antenna Design, RF componentry, Infrared,Low Observables, Radar Cross Sections (RCS), EMC/EMI, RADAR, etc.

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