About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

EXECUTIVE RECRUITING SERVICE and all of it’s Employees strive to provide our clients with the Best Services possible:

  • Quality Service
  • Fast Reliable Service
  • Pre-Screened Candidates
  • Background Investigations
  • Reference checks
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Recruiters
  • Honest assessment’s of your needs

You will always experience genuine support, as we work together to produce desired results. We have a long list of companies nationwide who continue to work with EXECUTIVE RECRUITING SERVICE and for whom we have achieved ultimate success.

It’s because we want to continue business with you over the long term that we aim to be Excellent Executive Recruiters, not just satisfactory ones. Our reputation is built on the professionalism, Honesty, Knowledge of the Industry, and results in presenting you with a candidates that would have been difficult to find on your own.


ERS Antenna

Executive Recruiting Service can provide Pre-screened and Qualified candidates in a TIMELY FASHION that are willing to Live, and work in your locale. E.R.S. has an Extensive Data Bases that maintains contact with the “hard to find” engineers. E.R.S. doesn’t have to go out and look for them…We KNOW where they are RIGHT NOW!! E.R.S. knows who is actively looking, thinking about a change, vulnerable to an offer he/she “can’t refuse”, or held hostage by “golden claws”. Most often, the talent you want is not even aware of your search, they’re too busy to read the ads. But, they Always listen when E.R.S. calls to tell them of your opportunity. In order to hire the Engineering Talent needed to complete your project on time and within budget, make ERS your Recruiting Partner.
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Meet Our Creative Team

Meet Our Team

Gary started the company in the summer of 1996. He works primarily in the areas of: RF/ Microwave, Antenna’s, Low Observables (Radar Cross Section and Infrared Signatures), Guidance Navigation Control & Radar.

Gary Edwards

Founder and CEO

Lori is the Key Account Manager for ERS Antenna & Executive Recruiting Service. Her technical Degree in Electronics has enabled her to excel in the complex Electromagnetic industry. Lori specializes in retained searches for the most difficult Engineering assignments

Lori Pearlman

Office Manager

Noah is a Technical Recruiter for Executive Recruiting Service. Noah has a BBA from Nebraska and served eight years in the U. S. Navy. Noah has 10 years experience as a military and civilian air traffic controller and conducts recruiting in the areas of: aeronautics; shipboard radar systems’ naval propulsion’ alternative energy applications; and renewable energy development. Noah has contracted with ERS since 2008.

Noah Canty

Recruiting Specialists

Norman is a Technical Recruiter and sourcer for ERS Antenna & Executive Recruiting Service. He has a Bachelors degree from UCLA, and has extensive experience in the Electronics industry.

Norman Coswell

Recruiting Specialists

ERS Antenna Is a search firm that has devoted over 20 years to the Electromagnetic engineering industry. We work with such specifics as Antenna Design, RF componentry, Infrared,Low Observables, Radar Cross Sections (RCS), EMC/EMI, RADAR, etc.

Contact Us

10207 Irish Road
Goodrich, Michigan 48438
Phone: (810) 636-4330
Email: info@ersAntenna.com